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Project Prioritization and Categorization

Too many projects running simultaneously? Tight budget? Deadline approaching fast? Not enough resources?

If you have answered yes to one or more questions above, then we should talk. Here’s what we will do to help you:

Action Plan:

• Review existing and future projects

o Define categorization criteria

o Align projects to business strategy and objectives

o Quantify costs, benefits, and return on investment

• Determine if projects should be cancelled or continued

o Facilitate a session with stakeholders

o Review in-house capabilities and capacity, and recommend potential outsourced resources

o Define “mission critical” projects vs. "resource drain" projects

o Develop action plan to address remaining projects that need to be done but are not critical.

• Create a final report

o Communicate results across the organization

o Make sure all direct stakeholders are aware.


• Greater alignment of projects with organizational strategy and goals.

• Enhanced interaction between the project team and stake holders.

• Clearly defined priorities and efficiently allocated resources.

• Prioritization and categorization methodologies for future use.

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